Here is the condensed version of my application timeline.
September 30, 2011: Submit online application
October 14, 2011: Application on hold until I complete 30 hours of English Education work with students 12 and older
December 7, 2011: Hold on application has been removed
December 22, 2011: Interview with recruiter
January 24, 2012: Nomination
February 3, 2012: Peace Corps mails medical packet
March 23, 2012: Complete medical packet and mail back to Peace Corps
April 5, 2012: Peace Corps receives medical packet
April 16, 2012: Contacted by OMS nurse. Must re-do a lab test, see another doctor and complete additional paperwork
May 2, 2012: Dental clearance
May 9, 2012: Medical clearance. Phone interview with placement officer who qualifies me for service
May 14, 2012: Contacted by placement officer. Going to Sub-Saharan Africa in July. Invitation is in the mail
May 17, 2012: Receive invitation. Madagascar!!
July 9, 2012: Staging in Philadelphia
July 10, 2012: Depart for Madagascar
September 14, 2012: Sworn in as a PCV in Madagascar
September 13, 2014: Close of PC service 

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