Q: Where is Madagascar?
A: Madagascar is located in the Indian Ocean off the southeastern coast of mainland Africa. Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the word and is over 11,000 miles away from Los Angeles.

Q: Where in Madagascar will you be living?
A: After ten weeks of intensive training in Mantasoa, Madagascar, all the volunteers in my staging class were posted throughout the country. My site is Tanambe.

Q: Will you be living in a mud hut?
A: Living conditions vary from mud houses with thatched roofs to modern cement houses with running water and electricity. Most volunteers have a pit toilet and a thatched shed for taking bucket showers.

Q: Do you get paid?
A: I will get a modest living allowance each month. The local currency is the Malagasy ariary (MGA).

Q: What kind of training will you receive?
A: Pre-service training includes technical training, cross-cultural training, language instruction, personal health and safety training and training regarding the role of the volunteer in development.

Q: What will you eat?
A: Apparently rice is the staple food of Madagascar. According to Peace Corps, it is relatively easy to remain a vegetarian in Madagascar.

Q: What is the weather like?
A: Madagascar is south of the equator so the seasons will be opposite of what I am used to in the US. Madagascar has a tropical climate with rainy and dry seasons. The rainy season is from November to March and the dry season is from April to October.

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