Thursday, September 11, 2014


Very early on Monday morning, I left Tanambe for the last time. I have been in Tana all week and earlier today, I finished all of my paperwork, got my PC identification card hole punched, and rang the bell in the PC Office to signify the end of my PC service. In PC terms, I have COSed (closed my service) in Madagascar. The last few weeks have been very busy and full of many emotions. Despite all of these emotions, and the fact that some of my friends cried when I left Tanambe, I have yet to cry. It's not that I'm not sad about leaving, but rather, I have blocked it out, been too busy with other things, and am excited about what the future holds.
I don’t yet have the words to write about everything, but they will come soon. For now, I am going to enjoy the rest of my time in Madagascar as an RPCV (Returned PC Volunteer).  I will be visiting the south of Madagascar for a few days with a friend and then I’m off to Uganda.

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